How to get there?

1. By car of any passing ability to the village Guzeripl. In the village – take the first right and the road will go upwards. 18 km and you are there.

2. By public transport. From Krasnodar, Belorechensk, Rostov – by bus to Maikop. Then use the bus Maikop-Guzeripl. Get a ride from the village Guzeripl (18 km). The transfer from the village Guzeripl to the base is possible.

Where to get food during Fisht-O-Run marathon?

The last shops (kiosk type) are located in the village Guzeripl. The cafe with varied cuisine is located on the Yavorovaya glade. A special offer on the meals in the cafe will be prepared for the participants.

Where to stay and what is the type of accommodation?

- Tents on the Yavorovaya glade or beside it.
- Furnished off-grid trailers on the Yavorovaya glade.
- A guerrilla shelter in 4 km. This is a permanent structure with the possibility of accommodation of up to 25 people, with private facilities, with hot and cold water and a common kitchen.
- Hotels in the village Guzeripl.

What to wear when running and what to take with?

It is better to wear light clothes, i.e. a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. You will need the following things:
1. Raincoat
2. Whistle
3. Compass
4. Gloves
5. Analgin (or substitutes), No-spa (or substitutes), elastic bandage, adhesive plaster
6. Lighter
7. Torch
8. Candies (or substitutes).

Can I call for help somewhere on the route?

There will be control points on the route, i.e. the Armenian shelter, Lake Psenodah, the B.Chuba shelter under the Maikop pass, the Circassian pass, the Guzeriplsky pass. There will be five points, where the judges will stay. There are houses on the Vodopadnaya glade and Lunnaya glade between the B.Chuba and the Circassian pass, where there are people all the time. And there is the Fisht shelter between the Belorechensky pass and the Armenian pass. There you`ll surely find people.

Which mobile operators are available on the route?

In 2016, the operator MegaFon was only available in the region adjacent to the Lunnaya glade, as well as at the Maikop and Circassian passes.

Will the race take place in any weather?

No. By decision of the judicial council, the start can be canceled and rescheduled for the next day. In case it is impossible to start on the second day, the competition may be canceled.

Can you pick me up by means of transport from the route?

No. The entry of any vehicle in the marathon area is prohibited without exception. We offer you to consider the transportation on horseback.

Can wild animals be on the route?

You will be in the reserve area, where wild animals live, throughout the marathon. However, the marathon route passes through the active tourist routes, which are visited by many people. Therefore, there is a small chance you`ll meet wild animals, but this may occur. Leopards were released in 80 kilometers on the straight from the marathon route and they live there controlled by the satellite.

Will the judicial inspection take place before the start?

Yes. The inspection will check the blood pressure, the presence of the required things, and the adequacy of preparedness for the race.

Are there any places of interest in the neighborhood?

The viewing platforms on the Yavorovaya glade, the rock Nagoy-Kosh, the Stone Sea, the Stone River, the Guzeripl Museum, the dolmen and old hydropower plant, the village Khamishki and about 10 routes, the Granite Gorge on the way, nickel mines, waterfalls and canyons near the village Kamennomostsky and many others within 50 km.

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